macBook no.

They used to call it MacBook Pro. Now the feeling is that Pro is just a marketing name. I am not sure Apple still understands what the MacBook Pro is for –wasn’t it supposed to be for the Pro user? The latest decisions by the brand make me think that is no longer the case. They made the glossy screen mandatory some years ago, which is really amazing if you want to retouch or show or see faithfully a photograph on the go, without your EIZO screen attached. Yes really amazing indeed, especially if you shoot in JPEG and photography is your .´¯`•.☆passion☆.•´¯`•. and you love #saturation #brightcolors #instamood #beautifulpic.

One of the best things you could do was telling a Windows user was that you only had one perfect model and it remained the same for years and you didn’t need upgrading because you had spent so much in the first place. Uhm, forget the slight pleasure of that snootiness forever. Now they keep releasing new models every season, it feels like it’s a limited edition t-shirt from Supreme. Unfortunately, buying a computer is not a fashion statement for me. I make an investment and it has to be thought out.

What’s my favourite feature of this new Macbook Pro? Well, definitely “P3 colour”, which makes available 25% more colours than “standard RGB”. Oh really, that sounds like a lot! But what’s this “standard RGB”? I thought there was RGB mode and then colour profiles / colour spaces… Since when sRGB is pro and standard? A standard for who? Not sure for a Pro. From the creators of Colour Sync: a magical implementation of the “revolutionary” P3 colour for the screen of a Pro laptop which starts from 1500 £ for its basic version, plus a 25% brighter screen.

For dessert, how about removing USB ports and we can give you USB-C instead, plus –guess what?– pricey adapters because –you know!– we believe this is the future, the rest is past and past has to be archived? Thanks for not removing the 3.5 mm jack though… At least I can wear my vintage, old-fashioned headphones while retouching #myart because #ilovemyjob as a #pro…

{note: this blog post was originally published in 2016}

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