11 random things I’ve retouched

1- Food crumbles on or around lips.

2- Pointy elbows. You never realise their extreme pointiness until you try to make them look more friendly.

3- Passersby. Especially when you have no replacement for the background behind them so you just make it up, loosely based on what you see around. Good fun.

4- Passerby pigeons. LOTS! Maybe they stick around for the aforementioned crumbles? I don’t even like deleting them because they’re cool.

5- Rubbish. Sparse things or cigarette butts. How about you find a bin instead?

6- Bins. Ok, you found it. Never mind. DELETE IT. Nobody wants nor rubbish or bins in their pictures. Life is great in Photoshop.

7- Micro-pressure areas on feet. Some shoes are just OUCH.

8- Heels colour. It’s a mix of jaundice yellow and dead antique pink. You can’t unsee it. You must do something about it.

9- Dust on chocolate. I know you probably never noticed, but chocolate in real life looks like an ancient book in a Hollywood adventure movie just before some guy blows on its cover and opens it to find out about a super old dangerous secret.

10- A half-closed mouth into a closed one. And then I went back and forth between before and after and the person looked like a ventriloquist puppet and I said to myself: Oh, I love my job.

11- Penises. They were part of a painting hung behind a model. Nobody in the crew was keen on them after the shooting, apparently. You know, Art is not for everybody.

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