Postcards from Nowhere genesis

Valeria hoards vintage and ugly postcards. One day at the pub, after a viewing for our new office, Alice had the idea to create fake postcards from non-existent places and to send them to creative people we like.

This is how Postcards from Nowhere started.

Valeria used photos shot by other people and edited them to create something unreal and Alice destroyed some photos from her trips around the world.

We made up names randomly and created horrible graphics on top of the photos and printed them.

Alice was clearly inspired by the MMM (Modern Man from Mars) action by Dan Margulis with this one but kinda of on steroids.

Valeria spent a good couple of hours reworking and re-imagining this popular Hong Kong building shot by Rona Lao on Unsplash.

Anyway it’s been fun, but it feels like this was just the beginning…

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