looking for a studio assistant!

basic info

looking for: studio assistant
when: asap
today's date: 24/10/2020
position: freelance (initially), with a minimum of two days per week guaranteed, paid weekly, or monthly as preferred.
apply to:
send: cv, daily rate, weekly availability, current work situation


-retouching projects co-production. in detail: capture one sessions, lightroom catalogs, bridge sorting, check scanned files, organising folders, running and editing photoshop actions, preparing files for work.
-retouching projects supervision using notion boards and google calendar.
-backup supervision and management. in detail: synology familiarity, automated cloud backup supervision, carbon copy cloner.
-social media graphics, presence and schedule with scheduling tools.
-newsletter management with mailchimp.
-website update with wordpress and oxygen builder.
-interaction with clients via email with gsuite.
-administration. in detail: xero, adobe acrobat for signing contracts, google spreadsheets, google keep.
-occasional miscellanea digital troubleshooting and chores.

ideal candidate:

-has a background in photography
-has basic capture one and adobe photography apps
-is consistent and trustworthy
-works hard to avoid distractions
-strive to learn new things and better processes every day
-any extra knowledge on any of the tools mentioned above is a plus, but do not stress about it.
-no previous studio management experience required but it's appreciated.

extra info:

-training will be given but you should also be ready to do some reading or tutorial watching if required.
-you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
-all we do is political, even retouch. the words we use are important. casual racism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia and any kind of body-shaming comments on the photos we work on will not be tolerated.

covid-19 pandemic

the position cannot unfortunately be remote at the moment.
the office is 26sqm. most of the time, there will be only one person at the office and there are two desks opposite each other, so that will help to keep social distancing and keep particles spread to the minimum. if next to each other talking, we should wear masks. the building is a shared workspace for creative businesses, so there are shared areas. we will wear masks in the shared areas at all times, including when going to the toilet.

not spreading the virus is a priority for me and you will be required to sign this declaration form prepared by the government: 'staying covid-19 secure in 2020', certifying we are both willing to carry out all necessary measures to keep each other safe on a daily basis. if you are not following the current government guidelines for tier 2 alert level in london please do not apply.

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