i hate when I have digital nightmares

Screenshot from [click drag click], a new interactive web project by Vince Mckelvie.

I hate when I have nightmares about Photoshop. It all starts from something I’ve seen recently in my life before going to sleep, a scene of no importance or a person’s face or even a screen from my smartphone. Then it gets mixed with an image or detail from some important job I’ve been working on. I keep retouching this unimportant picture becoming an important one and then re-becoming an unimportant one or blending senselessly with the important one.

Then patch tool is used improperly, blurring everything disgustingly. Then stamp tool keeps sampling an area with a small dent or spot creating a repeating pattern forming an artefact. Then I find out that what I’ve been retouching for ages is just a print screen and not a tiff. But I keep retouching it anyway because I am firmly convinced it is important to get it done and reality needs my retouch.

{note: this blog post was originally published in 2015}

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