hello stranger! this is unreality check –where beauty takes many forms and shapes. where glowing faces are not allowed. where pores do not need to undergo deep purification. where reality no longer fears fake news of digital sharpening. where we ask ourselves: what the hell are we allowed to see? some nice recent works down here :
Here are some random thoughts on life, art, retouch and hamsters (spoiler alert: they are the best):

Postcards from Nowhere genesis

Valeria hoards vintage and ugly postcards. One day at the pub, after a viewing for our new office, Alice had the idea to create fake postcards from non-existent places and to send them to creative people we like. This is how Postcards from Nowhere started.…

11 random things I’ve retouched

1- Food crumbles on or around lips. 2- Pointy elbows. You never realise their extreme pointiness until you try to make them look more friendly. 3- Passersby. Especially when you have no replacement for the background behind them so you just make it up, loosely…

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