A new, fresh, fragrant, effervescent, crispy, oily start for my blog*

“My dear friends, I’ll only say few words. I’d exploit your respect if I talked for too long. I won’t talk for too long. I’ll keep it short –really short. Actually, I’ll just leave it”

Italian Rodolfo de Angelis was singing that during the 30s in his ‘Bravo, bravo, ma come parla bene’ song. Quite a funny song, although he was a bit fascist though. Shame.

Anyway, I have been writing for all my life (even before starting to tinker with Photoshop). At some point I just felt like I had to be quiet and say nothing. Not that I had nothing to say, just everybody talks and writes all the time and I wondered if there was anybody still listening and reading.

After some years of listening and reading, I think I am ready again to output something to the world. Hi all then. I’ll try to keep it short though; really short. Just like Rodolfo –promise.

*oh gosh this adjectives brainstorming went too far, sorry. I think I'd love to order takeaway tonight

{note: this blog post was originally published in 2018 but then I just didn't have time to blog anymore}

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