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this is unreality check –where beauty takes many forms and shapes. where glowing faces are not allowed. where pores do not need to undergo deep purification. where reality no longer fears fake news of digital sharpening.

where we ask ourselves: what the hell are we allowed to see?

some nice recent works down here:

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My blog has got a brand new start and I am planning to also share some of the things that make my workflow easier. Stay tuned ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ in the meanwhile, here are some random thoughts on life, art, retouch and hamsters (spoiler alert: they are the best):

I hate when I have digital nightmares

Screenshot from [click drag click], a new interactive web project by Vince Mckelvie. I hate when I have nightmares about Photoshop. It all starts from something I’ve seen recently in my life before going to sleep, a scene of no importance or a person’s face or even…

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