Entropy vs Retouch

Orogenesis / Landscapes without Memory by Joan Fontcuberta. Landscapes created digitally with Terragen software Today a photographer I just started collaborating with asked me: “Why do you like retouch?”Nobody had ever asked me that. Some of my friends even argued retouch is just a dreadful thing I do for money. Honestly ‘money’ is not that big thing to justify me doing dreadful things with my time. I consider myself very lucky to be paid to have fun while listening to my favourite music. Oh well… No more chatting! Why do I like to retouch? Because retouch defeats entropy. In this world every single thing heads towards the sum of entropy. Retouch defeats disorder and randomness. A work output in a given amount of time leading to equilibrium instead of entropy. Isn’t it great. It is indeed! I am not a scientific person at all. I graduated at a Science High School mainly and deeply studying humanistic subjects. It all makes sense now in my life and I totally feel entitled to elaborate such philistine poetic conjectures. Thank you very much for reading. And thanks to all pious persons who tried to explain the second law of thermodynamics to me through the years. Here we are guys… Sorry about that. Yay for Physics!

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